The Sports Agent has become one of the most influential partners in the life and career path of the professional athlete. Not only does the agent negotiate your contract, but will serve as a mentor and an advisor, on matters of sports and of life.

Additionally, when you become a free agent, and thus are allowed the opportunity to select your next employer, your Agent will have a dramatic and significant impact on where you will ultimately play. Consequently, the selection of your Agent may very well be the most important decision you will make in your professional career.

In order for your relationship with your Agent to be successful, there must be a level of comfort between you that is based on trust and faith. Your Agent must be qualified and competent, and must have a strategic and critical understanding of your sport, its management and other related business aspects.

Competence, Honesty and Vision…major factors in selecting an Agent.



As President & CEO of Performance Sports Management, John focuses primarily on the effective and successful negotiation of employment contracts for professional athletes. In addition to serving as their business manager and financial advisor, he has distinguished himself as one of the most creative and prolific professionals in the athlete representation industry.

Prior to starting Performance Sports Management in 1992, ]ohn Hamilton served as Vice President and District Manager with NationsBank, currently Bank of America, both in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC. He was responsible for managing a group of executives who serviced assets totaling more than $125 million. During his ten year career with NationsBank, john worked in its Capital Markets Division in Dallas, Texas, and in the Commercial and Financial Institutions Divisions in Houston.

John is a certified Agent with the National Basketball Players Association, a Certified Contract Advisor with the National Football Players Association, a Certified Financial Planner through the Institute of Certified Financial Planners and served for several years as a certified agent through the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Long known for his no nonsense, practical yet understanding approach to representation, John Hamilton is a consummate professional whose high standards and unquestioned integrity creates lasting and productive relationships with his clients and the many professional sports organizations around the country.