Founded in 1992, with a commitment to servicing the total professional client, PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT embodies a unique and comprehensive "group management" concept. This concept enables client growth and development through sound programs and visionary strategies. Because professional sports exist in an ever-evolving globally impacted world, it is the goal of PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT to remain viable and progressive in our representation.

While many sports management companies focus and build their organizations on the number of clients they represent, PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT believes in maintaining a quality manageable client roster. Personal and individual attention to each and every client is the hallmark of PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT.

Under the direction of its President & Chief Executive Officer, John C. Hamilton, the PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT team of professionals evaluate each client on an individual basis, and develops a growth grid, which personifies his specific sport and expectations

PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT is a multiple sport representation firm whose mandate for excellence requires the complete and unequalled knowledge of professional sports within our society, with an emphasis on Basketball and Football. As such, PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT has established and maintains progressive working relationships with each league representing professional sports.

Working to make a difference in the lives of our clients is the goal of PERFORMANCE SPORTS MANAGEMENT.